Amulet Spells
Moon: The Full Blue Moon A Once in four year amulet doll charged with huge protection and positive energies. Very powerful to keep bad "things" away. This was an especially magical time, August 31, 2012 and only 20 amulets were made. Think of this moon's energy as a lunar bonus round, a chance to ask for special "once in a blue moon" favors, or to work with "once in a lifetime" spells.

About this Amulet: It looks scarry to scar bad things way - even desease, evil spirits and curses. This Protection Amulet can be used for protection from a person, harmful energies, self-sabotage or easing a current life lesson and works to increase your will in a ritual or spell you cast yourself. The Dolls pictured below are available and you may select the one you want by number. Once they are gone there will be no more for four years... The head is carved from animal bone, the stones are Amethyst, rose quartz, cats eye, tiger eye, tourquoise, jade, red jasper, shell, and hand made beads. Each one is different and has a different combination of elements.

after the spell - Work with your doll every day. Hang it somewhere you will see it and it will help you make life changes. Or were it on your clothes for protection.
Feel free to call me between 8am - 8pm CST with questions - If you are looking for guidence please pay for one 1/2 hour consultation HERE Custom Poured Candles Are Available HERE
Amulets maybe ordered by number. Each charged in August 31st, 2012 Blue Moon Ritual.
Amulet Protection Dolls
Doll is apx 2 inches in length! This amulet is very powerful just like the bottle spells, but used more as A power conductor and protection! They are full of positive energies and will assist you in every prayer ritual. These skulls were hand carved and powerful stones were chosen to give it strength. A little info; The practice of making and wearing charms and amulets for protection and healing was a key aspect to early Louisiana Voodoo. These amulets are filled with positive energies that you can direct for your purposes. They were charges in the August Blue Moon Ritual of 2012 and are waiting for your direction. They will boost your success and work as great protection from evil or sickness. Much like the medieval gargoyles warding off evil - a "kiss my ass" keep away deterrent to demons, pre-Christian way of protection adopted by the early Christian Church as protection for the cathedrals.
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