Spell Candles Poured On The Moon
Love Reconciliation Candle Spell
Red & White Candle, Rose Quartz stone, Sage Leaf, Poured on the Waxing Moon 2 days before the August Blue Moon. Only happenes every 4 years - very powerful energy captured in this candle

Moon: The waxing moon is the period during which the moon goes from dark and grows to full. It is used for increasing the energy of forgiveness and grows your intent to reconsiliation, it is great for banishing negitivity. This moon will aid in forgiveness and replace the heart with a growing yerning and longing for you, plus, the energies will help that the situation doesnt repeat or you do not repeat the actions that caused this situation. Increases your luck and opporuntioy with this person. This candle will grow their love for you and make them forget the bad times

About this Love Candle Spell: This is a "Fix it" spell candle, to help you get back with the one you love or a dear friend or relative. If you are sorry for the things you said or did that perhaps pushed them away and your willing to do anything to bring this person back, then this is the right candle. The purpose of a Reconciliation Spell is to establish an emotional connection, a second chance to make up and make it right this time. You have learned your lesson and will make the changes needed to be worthy of your their love. This candle will help them accept this change in you as real. This candle will help them forget what you did and remember the things they loved about you giving you that second chance. Lessen the negative and build on your strengths. It could be possible to pull your love back to you once and for all with this second chance candle. But after they return it's your job to keep them. Act worthy of their love, and forgive yourself to move on and not repeat the behavior.

2" x 4-1/2 Tall about 1 pound of wax.
Each candle has four prayers, hand written on rice paper, charged and blessed with magickal oil and added to the wax as it is poured. Plus, each candle has one stone talisman included in the wax to increase it's magickal properties. After the candle wax is gone, you will have this stone which has been charged over the time your candle was burned. Place your talisman on your alter, in your pocket or medicine bag to continue the magickal energy of your spell / prayer.

Metaphysical Properties: Color Red Elemental fire, deities of love, passion, sexuality Courage, will-power, determination, assertively, sexual attraction and potency, love and passion, fertility. White Elemental spirits, Angels, God, divination and prophecy. Purification, purity, innocence, wholeness, completion. truth seeking, consecration, spiritual enlightenment, protection against negativity, divination, inspiration, and clairvoyance. Sage: South Dakota / Sage picked in the Lakota Native American way for cleansing, healing and removing negativity. Stone - Rose Quartz is associated with the heart chakra and used to help balance this chakra, it aids not only with love of your fellow man (or woman) but love of the self too, enabling our heart energies to expand and embrace everything with pure, unconditional love and devotion.

Instructions : Carve your intent into the sides of the candle. Their name, and yours. Return to me. Forgive me. Print out a photo of you both together in your happiest moment. Write across the picture your names and the words "return to me" cut the picture into a heart shape and lay the candle on top of the photo.

Light the candles and clear your mind, then concentrate on this happy memory. Do not dwell on what you did, instead how you want it to be.

Recite the following incantation while looking at the candle flame:
possible spell: (or write your own)
"Candle burning it's flame so bright - hear the words I call tonight. Return to me the one I love whom I will be worthy and not fall short of. Remembering the things that brought us together, and turn his/her head from bad memories forever. Remember the happiness we did share, beautiful images of us together see everywhere. Come back to me ____name___"

Repeat this at least seven times every day until the candle is gone. Daily repetition will increase the spell's effectiveness.

After the spell - Burn the picture saying "beautiful images of us together are planted in your mind forever." Important not to stalk your love after the candle spell is over - do not call them do not eMail or text them - give it time. They could experience a profound change in their attitude toward you. You must wait and let them make the next contact. It might take a day or a week or a month - but they will contact you. DO NOT talk to other people about anything. If they hear gosip about you talking about them it will take longer. When they do contact you don't go all crazy - ease into the relationship again - think of it like a test... do not show any side of you that has caused this situation. Then keep the stone from the candle with you for luck.
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