Spell Candles Poured On The Moon
Each candle has four prayers, hand written on rice paper, charged and blessed with magickal oil and added to the wax as it is poured. Plus, each candle has one small stone talisman included in the wax to increase it's magickal properties. After the candle wax is gone, you will have this stone which has been charged over the time your candle was burned. Place your talisman on your alter, in your pocket or medicine bag to continue the magickal energy of your spell.
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Speciality, One of a kind Candle Spells
Speciality One Of A Kind Candle Spells, charged and waiting for you to direct the energy. Change Your Future. These candles were poured during special rituals and once gone, they will not be repeated. One Spell - One Burn. One Prayer. Custom made candles below are removed from page when sold out.
Two candles poured, 2" x 4-1/2 Tall about 1 pound of wax.
Instant Luck & Success
1 Burn for Instant Success and Huge Increase in Luck. Aproach your next challenge with confedence. I was commissioned to create a custom luck and success candle for a client and ended up with left over wax so I made these two candles. Black and dark purple wax and layered with gold sparkles. The best of both worlds 1). remove negitive aspects and 2). brig the riches of lucky gold. This candle has four prayers for instance sucess. Limit mistakes, increased recal, increased carisma. Burn and pray right before you leave for court, or that job interview, concert or test. When the candle has burned out ( which maybe hours or days) is how much energy you needed to acheive your goal. The retreve a magickally charged amethest in the bottom of the candle, charged as a good luck charme from the buring and release of the candle's energy.
November 2013 FUL MOON
Four Candles Poured into a 3" glass cup. apx: 12 Oz of Wax
One Wish Candle
1 Burn. Get your wish! This candle was created from left over wax from weddings that I have performed. The happiest blessed wax charged with hapiness, success, love, family and firendship. Use this candle to manifiest one wish. Light it and chant your request until the white candle is gone - then let it burn until gone. Retreive a lucky piece of tourquoice from the bottom of the glass. Topped off with love wax and success. This was created in a full moon ritual under sagittarius aspects, Very powerful Sagittarius energy is constructive, clear-sighted, generous, cheerful, loyal and independent.
Four Candles Poured into a 1" votal sized candle
Banish Ghost: remove bad feelings and anger
1 Burn. Black with silver specs. Includes a custom written banasing spell by The Soell Guide written for YOU and YOUR situation, plus the time to teach you how to use it. Includes the herbs to smudge your dwelling and a meditation tea to use prior to the cleansing. The candle dosn't have a stone. It includes a medalian on the outside of the candle choosen for your sitauation by the rev.
NOTE the candle you want in the second line of your address please. Rev will call you when payment is received
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all my candles are personalized and annointed before I send them. This one includes a bottle to add a writen prayer.
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