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Guide Session Time Fees
Psychic Magickal Readings
This Phone Consultation will give you meaningful insights, practical advice and personalized support by phone.
You will receive information into Spiritual, Paranormal and Metaphysical issues that are playing a role in your life currently and add insight to your question of what to do next. I will include detailed instructions of actions you can take at home yourself to empower and strengthen you. As a gifted clairvoyant, I offer my clients a perspective on their life as well a vision of the future you are moving toward. My guidance will help show you how to change or reinforce this energy. This slap in the face no bull session will help you understand body, mind and spirit why you are in the situation you're in and what to do next. You will hang up the phone with real insight, and detailed recommendations on how to solve your problem, rediscover peace, create protection against the elements, and regain control in your life's current situation.

I regularly use several divination tools to help diagnose your situation including, a rune pull, tarot card pull and angel card pull. I am an accomplished tea leaf reader, a technique passed down to me from her paternal grandmother, where I will drink the tea as we talk and read from its findings to gain a better understanding of what's going on and see events that will play a role in your future.

How to get started
Make your payment and then copy and past the intake form onto an email fill it out and send it to me here. Then call me 224-764-2315 8-8pm CST. If I am not available, Shoot me an email of possible times we could me on the phone. All calls, divination and psychic work is done by Rev Pamela. She does not employ others to do this work. You must pre-pay to get on the schedule.

1 30 minute consultation $60
Guidance Consultation
practical advice and personalized support by phone
This is a short and personal phone call with Rev Pam to diagnose a particular problem. This 1/2 hour is timed. So if you feel you want one unlimited phone call please buy the umlimited $120. Ask her a single question, or need advice. This is the base price per phone call to consult with Rev Pam and get help with one issue. Often used to add-on time for additional support when needed. Or to break the $120 dollar consultation payment into two.
4- hour pack - Unlimited consultation and guidance for one particular issue. $320
Discounted Guidance Consultation
practical advice and personalized support by phone
This is a way to cut costs and access Rev Pam's advice at a discounted rate of $80 dollars per hour. Reg. $120 Provides unlimited counselling and support to see you through one issue. Or use it by the hour and have the ability to call for guidance anytime.
Life Path Reading
Find Out Where You're Really Going
understanding your birth cards
This reading reveals your true birth path by a mathematical equation based on your birth date illustrated by the two cards from the High Arcana. A combination of these energies greatly influence your life's journey. I compare this reading to a second tarot reading to examine what has just happened, whats going on now and where this is leading. With this information, your response will determine the direction your path will take and enable you to influence your future.
Cleansing Ritual $240
Ritual performed on clients Behalf, or In person
Chakras are Entry Gates of the Aura.
Remove negitive, and unwanted energies around you, or someone you love. Within the physical body resides your spiritual body which contains the Chakras. The wheel or center of activity that receives, assimilates and expresses life force energy. They are responsible for the person's physical, mental, and spiritual health and function. They absorb and transmit energies to and from the universe, nature, celestial entities, from people even from things. This ritual will cleanse and balance your "life force" and allow you to make changes more easily. It will remove negative energies, and bad luck and give you power to gain control over your future.
There are no guarantees in life - but, if you ever thought prayer would make a difference - Now is the time to act! Spell Guide and all of it's contents is under strict copyright - all rights reserved. Free initial phone or skype consultation 8am - 8pm CST
1 Unlimited Phone Consultation $120
Divination and Clairvoyant Guidance Consultation
practical advice and personalized support by phone
You want answers? Straight forward, no bull? If you're ready to hear the truth then this is the session for you. If not. Don't bother calling at all. I come from a long line of a magickal family. I combine my grandmother's divination tools and my own natural clairvoyant ability I received from my mother to diagnose your situation and give you insight into whatever is really going on. This unlimited session is always well over an hour and includes a follow up eMail detailing steps you can take to help you get on or stay on the "right" path to achieve your goal, resolve your problem or answer your question. This is an amazing session and very detailed - you have come for personal insight and answers, this reading will give you that and more.
Healing Money Drawing Protection Bring Back a Love Success
Fertility Expulsion Of Evil Remove Curse Wedding Tantric
First Consultation to discuss your "Working Plan" is FREE. If you agree with the plan pay here.
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A personal talesmen is created using these stones and other charms by Rev Pamela and given to the client after the ritual is performed
This ritual will cleanse and balance your "life force" and allow you to make changes more easily. It will remove negative energies, and bad luck and give you power to gain control over your future.