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Need Help Now - I don't wana read all this... The first step is to send me an eMail HERE describing your situation and what you are looking for. Please click the above intake button, open the word document and save it to your computer, and edit it while you fill out the intake form. Be sure to resave it with your changes. It will help me get to know you better. Attach it to your email. I want a clear understanding of your circumstances and goal. When you detail, be truthful and elaborate - I hold no judgement. The more information I have the better I will be able to help you. Then we will plan a free phone or skype consultation appointment to discuss your "Working Plan". If you feel you want to move forward after speaking to me live, you will make a payment for my services. Moon ritual candles from my candle store can be purchased outright without consultation, but candles do include personal guidance time.
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What you believe WILL happen.
Rev. Pamela Can Help!
Rev Pam - Spiritual Metaphysical Counselor, Shaman
Using Magick to cause positive change and reach your goal
Psychic Magickal Readings Divination and Psychic Analysis - dedicated to curing spiritual illnesse
Turn your life around with the spell guide, a personal working plan made for you.
If you are feeling stuck, or repeating patterns and going no where, unsure how to achieve your goals, or seeking guidance, Spell Guide is here. I understand if you are skeptical about the power of prayer - this site will help you concentrate your prayer and make life changes using old tools. Concentrate your own personal magick to achieve the goals you want most in your life. I am a licensed Wedding Officiant and Spiritual counselor who performs hundreds of marriages and civil union same sex weddings every year. I am a daughter of Avalon and a hereditary natural intuitive spiritualist.

I don't consider what I do a "religion", but a part of all religions, to me this is a natural way of life, born with intuition and a natural telepath and blessed with the ability to see things beyond our normal senses. My maternal heritage can be traced back to Germanic ancestors of the 1500's and paternal heritage to Cornwall, before it was part of England. My great great grandmother was one of the original settlers of the new world and later her son is recorded as an active member in the Lineage Books of the American Revolution. I am a trained homeopath and intuitive healer, a student of Tai Chi and healing meditation since the late 80's. I am a master dowser a type of divination employed in attempts to locate ground water, which I successfully drowsed at age 9 for our island in Michigan. As a young adult worked as a ritual investigator for a state foster care organization. lauched it's first website December 2012 and as a result expanded my services internationally.

I will meet with you first - before asking for money - only if you feel I can help you for YOU to make the changes to create better energies, and do the prayer work -will we agree on a payment.
Photo taken on the road to my Island Mi by my son,IWM
I receive many calls & eMails from people who are concerned about paranormal events occurring in their homes, concerns about curses and bad luck. Also, many people find me who are starting to "come into their own way" magickally and feel concerned because they are having prophetic dreams, are seeing visions, are having intuitions, or are experiencing other events. I am here as your Spell guide to listen, and help. Each person I work with and each situation is different. It's hard to write on a website what it is or causing your situation, but please know, I will work with you personally and guide you with spells and actions to change this energy around you and help you understand what is happening to you. Often people who are new to phone readings and long distance counseling wonder if they are as good as a reading in person. I say, YES! Readings by telephone are just as accurate, sometimes more so, than "in person" readings. It allows me to do additional research and create a "working plan" specific for your situation. Magick that is strong enough, and actions to follow it up.
Magickal Training, Prayer Coach & Spell Casting
It is possible to change your future by putting forth your intent and then following through by changing your choices, attitudes and actions. Magick spells and psychic readings do not guarantee an outcome, rather it illuminates your current path. Magick will change your direction and causes the energy in the Universe to put you on a new path to your future. With my magickal skill and guidance you can change your path, reverse past events and get another chance- but magick isn't enough - You must have the desire; make a decision to change your outcome and the discipline to consistently follow the working plan laid out for your future.
There are no guarantees in life - but, if you ever thought prayer would make a difference - Now is the time to act! Spell Guide and all of it's contents is under strict copyright - all rights reserved. Free initial phone or skype consultation 8am - 8pm CST
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From my porch, under the moon to your hands!
Spell Guide
Hiring a Spell Caster
I understand that you might be skeptical about the power of prayer and spell casting. Most people come to me as a last resort and have voiced inhibitions regarding doing the working themselves and may not be able to decide whether they should cast the spell on their own, or hire a professional to perform the task. The most important thing is that if you are not confident or lack adequate knowledge on the process of this type of prayer working, it is better to hire me to do this for you and then allow me to guide you through the process. I understand if you are skeptical about the power of prayer - this site will help you concentrate your prayer and make life changes using old tools. Concentrate your own personal magick to achieve the goals you want most in your life. My services are unique. I feel "just casting" is not always enough to cause the changes you are hoping for. Magick doesn't work like you see on TV - it's not instant -it's a working - and in order for your spell to be successful you need to work it to cause major change. I will work for you and cast, but also guide you and teach you how to make your magickal spell more powerful to bring success to all that you desire. Spell Guidance is a major part of the work that I do, personal live consultations by phone to help you make your spell / prayer work powerful enough to achieve the goal you are hoping for. Whether you believe that magic and the answer of your prayers come from God or your own Intent, Spell Guide can show you ways to intensify your own abilities to cause change.

There Are Many Ways I Can Help
Spell & Meditation Candles can change future events and have a strong effect on the next 90 days. Visit my Candle Store Here. Buy a pre-made moon candle or have me custom makea special candle for you - Either way, I will guide you through the candle spell process.
Psychic Magickal Readings. Divination and Clairvoyant Guidance Reading provides details and answers. Plus, practical advice with a follow up report and personalized support by phone, text and email. It's expensive but worth it. Make intelligent decisions when you know why this is happening to you. Wedding Date Psychic help you choose the luckiest wedding date and give you a full personality breakdown of the couple. Bottle Spells : Remove curse / Loose weight / Bring back a lover. Spells I cast on your behalf and put into a bottle, great way to cast protection and bring luck. Curse specialty. Amulet protection dolls. If you feel like someone or something is after you this is something you need to carry. The Guide is On-going guidance, support and spell casting instruction. I will teach you what to do and be avaialbe for continued support. you learn, and you make the changes happen

If you have exhausted all other avenues and feel you need help to tip the scale of balance in your direction, I would be most happy to speak with you and discuss your situation to see if I can help.