Spell Candles Poured On The Moon
Wedding Blessing Candle / Unity Candle / Tantric Sex Ritual Candle
White with red rings and gold speckles, garnet stone, Poured waxing the day before the August Blue full moon, 95% Full. This opportunity only happens every 4 years!

Moon: The waxing moon is for constructive magic, such as love, wealth, success, courage, friendship, luck and health. A perfect time to grow unlimited amounts of love and passion.

About this Wedding Unity Candle: Wedding blessing candles available and shipped directly to you or a custom unity / tantric candle can be made to order from my custom page HERE. Used for unity candle in wedding ritual or blessing for the couple, and in tantric sex rituals - GREAT WEDDING GIFT - comes with spell and guide, below. Couple can use this candle in drawing down the moon rituals and tantric sex rituals which can rejuvenate lovemaking and enhance your sexual experience.

2" x 4-1/2 Tall about 1 pound of wax.
Each candle has four prayers, hand written on rice paper, charged and blessed with magickal oil and added to the wax as it is poured. Plus, each candle has one stone talisman included in the wax to increase it's magickal properties. After the candle wax is gone, you will have this stone which has been charged over the time your candle was burned. Place your talisman on your alter, in your pocket or medicine bag to continue the magickal energy of your spell.

Metaphysical Properties: White represents light and clear vision. White is the used for rites of passage, such as birth, marriage or welcoming rituals. White candles are used in protection spells, blessing rituals, and for goals the couple have for their future. It is the reason that white is used in wedding ceremonies. White is associated with female energy, moon rituals. Red Elemental fire, deities of love, passion, sexuality Courage, will-power, determination, assertively, sexual attraction and potency, love and passion, fertility. Gold for self confidence, creativity, perfection, financial riches, magickal power, money drawing. Stone: Garnet is huge protection and love, binding two lovers together and it is used to keep a current lover faithful.

Instructions : Carve your intent into the sides of the candle. Both the couple's names and date of marriage. Then one word that represents their goals together, i.e.: forever - passion - children - family - unity anything like that.

Light the candles and clear your mind, then concentrate on your goal for the couple (the word you carved)
Recite the following incantation while looking at the candle flame: The couple could recite together, or each separately before a ritual, or used as a unity candle they could include the incantation in their marriage vows. These are the vows I generally suggest to my couples that I marry. If you are doing a blessing for someone else, change the words to: "Let them give their promise... " you get the idea.
possible spell: (or write your own)
"I give you my promise that from this day forward, you shall not walk alone. May my heart be your shelter And my arms be your home. May we talk together through all things. May you feel deeply loved, for indeed you are. I give you my heart. I have no greater gift to give. I promise I shall always do my best. I feel so honored to call you my husband / wife May we feel this joy forever and may everyone see our happiness."

Couples can decide to let the candle burn out or extinguish and use it again until the wax is gone.

After the spell - Sew the garnet to your mattress or a piece of fabric (possibly from the wedding clothes) and place it under the mattress of your bed to keep the spice in your sex life!
Feel free to call me between 8am - 8pm CST with questions - If you are looking for guidence please pay for one 1/2 hour consultation HERE Custom Poured Candles Are Available HERE