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About Your Spell Guide Rev. Pam

Pagan High Priestess and Psychic Advisor

 Magickal Training, Spiritual Coach & Spell Casting 

Caring, compassionate and a knowledgeable Advisor, Rev Pam is a hereditary witch and a daughter of Avalon . She is an ordained reverend who performs marriages in her 1920's historic manor. She marries over 200 couples every year from all over the world who travel to Chicagoland to have the Rev perform their ceremony.  She works as a spiritual advisor and healer, and provides divination and psychic magickal consultation. Rev. Pam. is the Founder of a free website where pagan friends post events and connect called FriendlyPagans.com She also founded the practical magick teaching coven FriendGathering.com which is based in Chicago Illinois, USA. When you call - please be respectful of the time in Chicago CST 8am - 8pm.

Hiring a Spell Caster

Rev Pam lighting a ritual full moon candle

The SpellGuide will work for you and cast the spell you need to make your goal. Live personal service from Rev Pam will create powerful energy, with real world change. You will see and feel the results. The SpellGuide will show you how to make changes in your daily routine to insure magickal success. This  is "real" spell casting. Rev. Pam will guide you to make the right choices and bring success to you  spell.


Psychic Magickal Readings

Rev Pam doing ritual at Stone Henge England.

A Divination and Clairvoyant Guidance Reading provides details and answers.  This Experience is well worth it! Make intelligent decisions when you know why this is happening to you. Rev. Pam uses multiple divination tools to give it to you straight. If they all "agree" you know you are not just leaving your fate to chance.  Tarot, Germanic Runes, Tea Leaves, Angel Cards, and Rev. Pam's uncanny clairvoyant ability to interrupt these signs, you can't go wrong.


More Information About The SpellGuide's Services

Psychic Advisor and Spiritual Life Coach

If you are feeling stuck, or repeating patterns and going no where. Unsure how to achieve your goals and seeking guidance, Spell Guide is here. I understand if you are skeptical about the power of spell work. But it works and that's why you're reading this. The SpellGuide will help you concentrate your intent and make life changes using old world tools. Guide you how to concentrate your own personal magick to achieve the goals you want most in your life.

I don't consider what I do a "religion", but a part of all religions, to me this is a natural way of life, born with intuition and a natural telepath and blessed with the ability to see things beyond our normal senses. My maternal heritage can be traced back to Germanic ancestors of the 1500's and paternal heritage to Cornwall, before it was part of England. My great great grandmother was one of the original settlers of the new world and later her son is recorded as an active member in the Lineage Books of the American Revolution. I am a trained homeopath and intuitive healer, a student of Tai Chi and healing meditation since the late 80's. I am a master dowser a type of divination employed in attempts to locate ground water, which I successfully drowsed at age 9 for our island in Michigan. As a young adult worked as a ritual investigator for a state foster care organization. SpellGuide.com lauched it's first website December 2012 and as a result expanded my services internationally. 

The first 5 minutes over the phone is free - only if you and I both feel I can help you, will you be asked for a payment. 

Spells and Energy Work

There are no guarantees in life - but, if you ever thought energy work, spell casting, meditation or prayer would make a difference - Now is the time to act!  Spell Guide will teach you hoe to make positive changes in your life.  It will get better! Phone or Skype consultation 8am - 8pm CST .

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Contact Rev. Pam

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Join Rev Pam's Group Skype Call Sunday Nights 7pm to 8pm CST $20. for up to one hour! Get answers to metaphysical questions, questions about ritual, or "what to do about..." Learn and listen to other people's questions. One hour only - You must RSVP for the Sunday you wish to attend. Only the first six clients who RSVP will be accepted each week. You must be on a computer or have the current Skype App. 


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