Magickal Support & Consultation

$30/ 15 Minutes. Phone Consultation -Divination and Psychic Magickal Live Support

Divination and Psychic Magickal Consultation Over The Phone with Rev. Pam. Talk through the issues at hand and have the expertise of Rev Pam, a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable Advisor available live $30 Per 15 Minutes. 

Buy one hour of phone consultation and receive 10 Minutes Free!  $120


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$99. Divination and Clairvoyant Guidance Reading

 Add even more details and answers to your phone call $ 99 The SpellGuide will use as many as three divination tools to detail with accuracy the information you seek.  Get your questions answered. Add a Reading to Your Call.  $99 + *Call is billed separately at $30 per 15 minutes.


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$199 Cast A Spell For You

Hire the Rev and she will create powerful energy, with real world change, and perform a full ritual and cast your spell on your behalf. She will work closely with you and advise you how to make changes in your daily life to insure the magickal success of your casting. Rev. Pam will guide you to make your magickal spell more powerful and bring success to all that you desire. This is a specific custom spell done in ritual directed at 'someone or something'. This is a real spell cast on your behalf and you will actually see change. Up to 1/2 hour Consultation, Spell Writing & Ritual Performed and One Spell Cast on Your Behalf. $199.00  This is serious magick and should be considered very carefully before you move forward. Your spell will generate karmic reactions you must consider your motives and what price you are willing to pay.  

Spells cast such as these are, but not limited to: exercise evil and cleanse any individual from negative energy, and bad luck. If you feel you have had someone cast against you. You must be cleansed first before I can get a full reading of the situation. To have a lover return, to achieve success on the job. 

If you  are looking for more of a good luck charm, or something to give you extra energy with a specific mater you may consider a Witch Bottle which is a talisman and one of two ways for Rev Pam to cast a spell for you. It doesn't work for everything. This is more of an attraction spell and something you would wear to achieve positive outcome, good luck, attract money, get a job, a sexual partner, etc. 



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$49 Wedding Date Psychic

 Lucky wedding date  chosen specifically for you.  Choosing an auspicious wedding date will get you started in the right direction to ensure a long life of happiness, harmony and prosperity. So how do you choose the LUCKIEST wedding date? Chinese couples have been consulting a fortune-teller to help them choose the luckiest wedding date for over 5,000-years. This old tradition is now available to you through Rev Pamela who performs readings for couples who marry all over the world.  ADD a Compatibility Reading for you and your Partner. +$49


Live Consultation $30 for 15 Minutes, Call NOW!

I can get a lot done in 15 minutes. I receive many calls & eMails from people who are concerned about paranormal events occurring in their homes, concerns about curses and bad luck. Also, many people find me who are starting to "come into their own way" magickally and feel concerned because they are having prophetic dreams, are seeing visions, are having intuitions, or are experiencing other events. I am here as your Spell Guide to listen, and help. Each person I work with and each situation is different. It's hard to write on a website what is causing your situation, but please know, I will work with you personally and guide you with spells and actions to change this energy around you and help you understand what is happening to you. Often people who are new to phone readings and long distance counseling wonder if they are as good as a reading in person. I say, YES! Readings by telephone are just as accurate, sometimes more so, than "in person" readings. It allows me to concentrate on your energy and the energies around you. Instead of having your body language or facial expressions sway me. 

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Sunday Night Skype Group

Join Sunday's Live Skype Group $20 for up to ONE Hour



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Join Rev Pam's Group Skype Call Sunday Nights 7pm to 8pm CST $20.  Get answers to metaphysical questions, or questions about ritual, or "what to do about..." Learn and listen to others and interact with them on the live screen. You must RSVP for the Sunday you wish to attend. Only the first six clients will be accepted each week. Text to reserve your spot.


Rev Pam's Handmade Magickal Products

$75 Handmade Jump The Wedding Broom

 Buy Your Broom  on eBay Here

HANDMADE BROOMS - you pick the color to match your wedding. Beautiful and authentically made in ritual meditation - brooms each have three prayers or spells for the couple. The color of the broom can be customized. Height: 38"Length: 1"Width: 8" Brooms 

Learn More About The Jumping The Broom Tradition here

$75 Handmade Handfasting Cords

Buy Your Cord on eBay Here    BINDING CORD FOR WEDDING.   Beautiful and magickal handfasting cords custom made in ritual meditation by Rev Pam just for you. Each cord incorporate charms marking  spells cast for the coupe's protection, health and hot love! 

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Get handfasted by Rev Pam in Chicago USA. Many packages for elopements up to 30 guests. 

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Ward Off Evil Amulet Protection Dolls $35

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Ward off EVIL on your wedding day or any day.  Doll is apx 2 inches in length! This amulet is very powerful just like the bottle spells, but used more as A power conductor and protection! They are full of positive energies and will assist you in every ritual. These skulls were hand carved and powerful stones were chosen to give it strength. 

Great Wedding Shower Baby Shower Gift! Includes domestic shipping. 

$120 Combo. Remove Curse Candle w Protection Amulet Doll

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Black & White Candle with Holly, rosemary, and SD sage, Amethyst stone, Poured on the dark moon.  To break a hex or curse that has been cast upon you. Powerful candle magic and seriouse intent is needed to remove the effects on you, and reverse the negative energy and turn its effects back on the individual who initially cast it. This remove curse candle and spell will guide you through the process, and protect you from any additional hexing in your future. 

$35 Protection Bottle Spell w/ Domestic Shipping

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Keep this bottle in your pocket or tie it around your neck for protection while traveling, at work, or generally out-a-the house activities. Proven magick, past clients testify to diverted accidents and extreme boost in luck.  A great gift for anyone, it comes with  a list of it's content and spell of protection. 

New Year Yule Alter Candle $45 w/Domestic Shipping


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Handmade in ritual meditation, no two are alike.  You select from votive color: Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Amber, Pink and it is attached to a 3 inch round Pine or White Burch platform cut from a tree found on my Island in the U.P. of Michigan and decorated. Each alter candle is enchanted to bring good luck and hope for the new year. Burn it all year to keep the energy going. 

Witch Bottle Spells

$75 Custom Bottle Spell w/ Standard Domestic Shipping

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A Witch Bottle is a talisman and one of two ways for Rev Pam to cast a spell for you. It doesn't work for everything. This is more of an attraction spell and something you would wear. If you need to have her cast on your behalf please scroll up and review the 

 Your Spell Bottle is so customized it is impossible to detail its elements here. We really need to speak live. This is my own brand of working which I have developed over time and years of practice casting and doing energy work. Together, we will select the perfect time to cast, depending on the correlation of many different considerations and energies, capturing the most powerful energy for success. I then hang the bottle in my sacred space for seven days to capture the pure lunar (moon) energies necessary to achieve your goal. Change is a process, but with your deep commitment and patience we can insure the energy generated in your bottle moves your intent in the right direction and creates the results you are looking for. With your bottle you will receive the exact wording and prayers I did to create your working. I custom write these rituals and perform them at the appropriate time, season and moon phase to increase the power of the working and then it's up to you to make a commitment to make the changes needed to complement the magickal energies.  

What Is a Witch Bottle?

THE WITCH BOTTLE SPELL I am a hereditary witch and an ordained reverend who performs marriages and civil union ceremonies in the state of Illinois. I work as a spiritual counselor and healer and create potions to cure all types of problems, help achieve your desires and requests. I call this work "bottle spell magick". Glass Jars with Cork Stopper - Size: 1-1/2" Tall X 3/4 Inches Diameter

Personalize Spell For You!

 These are personal workings and personal contact with you is important for me to achieve the results you are hoping for. I am not Wiccan, I work an eclectic path incorporating a Native American belief system and olde religion and intuitive magick that I learned from my family, taught to me by both my paternal and maternal grandmothers and my mother. I have over forty years of personal experience in casting spells and prayer work for others. Including working as a cult and ritual site investigator for a therapeutic foster care organization in the late 80's and early 90's in North Dakota. Now, In Illinois, I work publicly, oversee a regular meeting group called and maintain the website and perform private workings for people, such as handfasting cords, ritual spell candles and incorporate the olde ways and magickal properties into each tool. It is not as simple as many people consider it to be. Adequate knowledge on the various types of magick, core religions and their rituals, and a tight a safe process are things to be considered while performing your magickal spell or ritual tool. The process may look simple out of a book, but there are several things that have to be considered, from experience to capture the right wording, energy and intent, plus, keeping yourself safe and no backfire from the working is a must. (The law of 3 times back). 

What Kind Of Spell Can Ask For?

There are love spells, healing spells, money spells, power and balance spells, spells for losing weight, and to stop smoking, etc. Anything you can think of. I am willing to help. I will work with you and counsel you how to move forward after the casting to insure it's success. Healing relationships requires a commitment on your part to change and I will give you advice on what action to take to help this healing process. Getting immediate results can be a rarity with some of the spells. You should know what to expect after I am done casting it. That's why I want to speak to you. Your follow through is as important as the prayer work itself. Remember, nothing ends - it only changes and we are causing CHANGE in a huge way. If you would like more information regarding your personal circumstances, please give me a call 8am to 8pm Chicago Time or send me an eMail. Lets talk and see how I can help you. YOU MUST MAKE A PAYMENT BEFORE YOU CALL ME TO PROVE YOU ARE SERIOUS AND YOU ARE WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE- I WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY IF YOU DECIDE NOT TO COMPLETE THE WORKING.